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Raw Milk: What are the Benefits and What You Can do to Improve the Quality of Your Dairy Consumption

Raw Milk

A study on natural antiseptics in milk cites: "Human or cow milk added to an equal volume of agar did not support the growth or allowed only slight growth of B. diphtheriae Staph. aureus, B. coli, B. prodigiosus, B. pyocyaneus, B. anthracis, streptococci, and unidentified wild yeast. The factors in human milk inhibiting bacterial growth (‘inhibins’) were inactivated by heating at 56 degrees C (pasteurization temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees C) for 30 minutes or by standing 12 to 24 days at 5 degrees C, but not by repeated freezing and thawing. The ‘inhibins’ in cow’s milk were not inactivated by heating at 80 degrees C for seven minutes but were destroyed by heating at 85 degrees C for seven minutes. Attempts have not been made to identify the natural antiseptics." -Dold, H., Wizaman, E., and Kleiner, C., Z. Hyt. Inf., "Antiseptic in milk," The Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 43,1:109, July 1938. For a more in-depth look at this topic, I suggest reading The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmidt.

For a more in-depth look at this topic, I suggest readingThe Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmidt.

Supposing you conclude it’s a safe bet to drink raw milk - what are the benefits?

According to raw milk champions, Sally Fallon and Tom Cowan, prior to heating, milk is a living food rich in colloidal minerals and enzymes. “Milk proteins…carry vitamins and minerals through the gut into the blood stream; they enhance the immune system and protect against disease.” says Fallon. All of these qualities are destroyed during pasteurization. “Once heated, milk becomes rotten, with precipitated minerals that can't be absorbed (hence osteoporosis), with sugars that can't be digested (hence allergies), and with fats that are toxic. Feeding cows high protein feed made from soybeans and other inappropriate foodstuffs can also adulterate milk; rarely is anyone truly allergic to grass-fed cow's milk.”

Here are some of the benefits attributed to raw milk:

  • Stronger immune systems in children who drink raw milk with stronger immunity to asthma and eczema compared to those who are fed ordinary milk.
  • Phosphatase that allows the body to absorb the calcium from the milk.
  • Lactase that allows for the digestion of lactose.
  • Lactic-acid-producing bacteria that protect against pathogens.
  • Raw butterfat (raw milk left to sour) has a cortisone-like factor that is heat sensitive (destroyed by heat) and prevents stiffness in the joints. These enzymes help the body assimilate all bodybuilding factors, including calcium. That is why those who drink pasteurized milk may suffer, nevertheless, from osteoporosis.
  • Lipase in raw milk helps the body digest and utilize butterfat.
  • Contains beneficial bacteria, as well as lactic acids, that allow these beneficial bacteria to implant in the intestines.
  • A study found resistance to tuberculosis increased in children fed raw milk instead of pasteurized.
  • Used as a therapy in folk medicine (and in the Mayo Clinic) for centuries.
  • Used in the pre-insulin days to treat diabetes, eczema, intestinal worms, allergies, and arthritis (contains cortisone-like factor for allergies and eczema).



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